Thu, Jun 11, 2020

A Tasmanian shopper who overheard a young couple’s financial woes while shopping for a wedding dress has given them the ultimate wedding gift.


The couple had picked out a bridal gown at the St Vincent De Paul shop in Launceston but asked the shop attendant to put the dress on hold as they needed to find more money.

Erin DiCocco is the Retail Business Co-ordinator at the shop and retold the story to Helen Shield on ABC Radio.

“They asked me if they could pop it on hold while they could finish collecting some money so they could purchase it for their wedding. And as they were having that conversation with me, another customer overheard them,” Erin said.

“She said I’d really like to make this gesture and buy the wedding dress for this couple and said is that something you are able to do? Obviously I was absolutely blown away by that kind gesture.”

The customer then went and spoke to the young couple and they had a moment together. “There was definitely some tears shed there,” Erin said.

The customer then left with her perfect wedding dress and a smile on her face.

“I’m so lucky I get to see acts of kindness so often; but it restored my faith in our local community that there are some really beautiful people out there who are willing to do something kind and make someone else’s day.”

Erin said the perfect full circle moment would be if the stranger received an invite to the wedding to see the bride wearing the dress.

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