Wed, Sep 16, 2020

  • It's been an eventful week full of emotions for Sydney Swans fan Ava Johnston.


    Ava, 11, and her mum, Laryssa, celebrated the end of a homeschooling day at their Bayside home in Melbourne with a kick of the football at Port Melbourne beach.

    “It was a windy afternoon and it (the ball) went into the water,” Laryssa says.

    The yellow NAB Auskick ball was her “fav footy” and she was disappointed as she watched it being swept out into Port Phillip Bay, passing the docked Spirit of Tasmania boat.

    Four days later, Rosebud couple Rodney and Susannah Mason were walking their dog along the beach at Tootgarook when they found the ball washed up on the shore.

    For those not familiar with Melbourne, that’s more than 60km away as the crow flies…. or the football floats.

    They saw Ava’s name and phone number on the ball so they called the Johnston’s with the good news they’d found Ava’s ball. They were surprised to hear they lived across the bay in Port Melbourne.

    The Mason’s posted the ball back to Ava with a lovely handwritten note:

    “What a journey your footy has been on. So happy to have it back to you!” Susannah wrote.

    While the ball has seen better days, it’s return has been a welcomed distraction from the covid situation in Melbourne and a promise of positivity in the community.

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