Mon, Jun 22, 2020

Stephen Hawking once said “Look at the stars and not your feet”; but AFL premiership captain Trent Cotchin wants you to do the opposite.


The Brownlow medallist and his wife, Brooke, have created Posisocks - a side hustle from the sidelines by providing daily positive affirmations when you put on your socks.
“I wanted to come up with an idea that triggers people’s thinking first thing in the morning around positivity and gratitude, giving them the best chance to win the morning and therefore the day,” Trent says.
“We started Posisocks to help inspire people to live a more positive life.”
He said the idea came from a few simple yet powerful lessons he learnt a few years back, that also changed his mind set on the footy field.
At home, the Cotchins have three young children, Harper, Mackenzie and Parker.
Brooke says she loves the connection of putting on your kids’ socks on their little toes and reading the affirmations to them.

“As parents, we feel that educating our kids around being kind, present and mindful is an important part of their development and will be such a great asset for them as they grow through life,” says Brooke.
The forced break due to COVID-19 gave the Cotchins precious time to launch their business this month.
“It isn’t just about comfy socks, it’s about creating a community and making a positive difference in the world,” Trent says.
Go to to check out the full range.

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